How does your doctor diagnose Rosacea? 

The more information that you can provide your doctor, the easier it becomes to diagnose your skin condition. Like many skin conditions, your doctor or dermatologist will diagnose you with rosacea by asking you some questions and examining your skin. There are no lab-tests that can diagnose you with rosacea, so it is important that you help your doctor by providing them with the most information about your skin condition.

Here are some questions that your doctor may ask you about your skin condition. Consider writing down the answers before your doctor’s appointment:

  1. How long have you had the flushing, redness or pimples on your skin?
  2. Is the skin condition only on your face or is it on other areas of your body?
  3. Are there certain things that make your skin better? Are there things that make it worse?
  4. Have you tried any medications for your skin?  Did it help or make it worse?
  5. Are you embarrassed by your skin condition and do you avoid social situations because of it?
  6. Do your eyes have a gritty, dry or crusty feeling, or appear bloodshot for no apparent reason?