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If you are 30-50 years old and are experiencing bumps and pimples, you may have rosacea, not acne.

You may have come here to find out if you have rosacea, or to learn about treatment options - either way, you want information! To get started, tTake a minute to answer a few short questions about your skin condition. These will help you determine if you may have rosacea and direct you to the information most useful to you. If you answer yes to more than one of the below questions, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss rosacea.

Do you have red bumps (pimples) on your face, but with no blackheads or whiteheads?

Does your face get flushed after drinking alcohol, hot beverages, or eating spicy foods?

Are you between 30 and 50 years of age?

Have you previously been prescribed any rosacea medications?

Where did you hear about*

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